After following Nikki Sharp on Instagram for a few months now I have been going back and fourth rather or not I was ready to give up my pregnancy eat whatever I want whenever I want and not care way of living... Well after not fittin into ANY of my prepregnancy jeans... I decided to do some light clothes shopping... Just to get me by... My kick in the butt was definitely trying on one size bigger... Not going above my knees... Then two sizes bigger... I got up to my thighs... Then three sizes bigger... Squeezed em on but couldn't button them! So yes... I went up FOUR sizes! And even thy are a lil snug! I was defeated... Kicked to the curb by my own body... At that moment I realized I need to make some serious changes! That's where Nikki came in... She's such an inspiration! And not just seeing her results but others results and knowing they are REAL people really helped me decide to spend the $8 and buy her detox plan!

Now out of respect for Nikki I will NOT give out any specifics of what we ate (we, I dragged my husband into this voyage) but I will give basics... So please don't ask..

So Day 1... We decided to try out her smoothie recipe! My husband is allergic to some of the ingredients so he doesn't get to enjoy all of it!

Like I said... My husband can't eat all the ingredients so his looks different than mine.. Mine is the greener colored smoothie...

Now before I get to the smoothie let me tell you about us. We are big on fast food... Like 3-4 times a week at least! Yeah... Gross and expensive I know! So this is a real challenge for us.

So on to the smoothie... It was... Interesting... A bit deceiving... The bright colors made us think... Flavorful and fun! But it was a bit chalky and dull... However it was definitely edible and we drank the entire thing! We didn't think its be very filling but it actually was! The flavor wasnt something I will ever crave but it did feel as though we were eating RIGHT!

Now on to plan the rest of our meals! Stay tuned for more information! to buy her plan!

Sorry but with my newborn I didn't have time to do an extensive day by day review!

I finished our detox on Friday.. At the end of the detox let me tell ya! I was exhausted! Working out while doing this detox did not work for me... I felt like I was being deprived of energy... But it did produce results! I lost all my bloat! And because I had results I was frightened that it would all vanish the moment I brought meat back into my diet!

So now it's Tuesday... And boy do I feel better! I added lean chicken into my diet and finished all the extra veggies I had from my detox shopping trip... And I can see some bloat came back but not as much as before... Maybe 10% return... But Id rather have that 10% bloat back with the return of energy than be bloat less and unable to workout!

It was a nice jump start to my new work out plan! Started Jillian Michaels yesterday check out my blog on that :)

Would I do her detox again? Eh probably not... It was worth the $8 and experience... But I think eating clean would have produced the same results... And I could have had meat! Give a shot and tell me how it worked for you!


07/08/2013 6:21am

Hello! I really enjoyed your post for one main reason: I totally agree with you. I am a very "clean eater", I buy organic for most of the things I eat and I do not eat take away or fast food unless totally necessary for social reasons (which reduces this type of food to 1-2 meals a month) - I have always been a big fan of meat and specially dairy products such as cheese and yogurts, and yes, even milk.
I decided to do her detox because I like challenges and I like to always push myself so I thought, it's okay for $8 to give it a try and see how it goes...
I am on day 2 of the detox and I feel like I have no energy whatsoever and my head hurts. I will finish the detox because I never leave stuff unfinished and because I believe it is a short period of time that I can suffer through - but, as you say, I will not be doing this detox again.
I think that she takes it a little too far with her list of banned foods (not only in the detox, but in general) and I believe that eating meat and dairy is not only necessary but good as long as it is clean and in the right amounts.

Best wishes,


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